Josh is a photographer, craft beer enthusiast, teacher, leader, marketer, and owner of The Okie Bug, the 1968 VW Beetle seen below.

With a passion for local breweries and a camera in hand, Josh enjoys shooting craft beer photos and highlighting the cool things being done in Oklahoma. Make sure to check out a few of his beer photos.

Josh has been the emcee at the 2017 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year event and the 2019 Bethany Public Schools Foundation Banquet, and has shared his experiences as keynote speaker at Putnam City West’s Leadership Retreat.

During his teaching career, Josh was a yearbook adviser, journalism teacher, and sponsored several STUCO and leadership programs – helping his students raise more than $3 million for charity.

From 2013-2017, Josh left education and worked with non-profits, public relations, and media companies. Leveraging his skills and experiences, he wrote for multiple publications and gave several notable presentations.

Check out his 2014 IgniteOKC speech, his article in Territory Magazine title “I Spy,” a tongue-in-cheek opinion piece in the Oklahoma Gazette, and his VisitOKC blog posts.

On a personal note, Josh is father to three beautiful daughters and partner to an amazing woman named Magan. He’s a NY Jets fan and is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University. Josh also co-founded the TruckIt food truck app and even helped run a charity food truck for a short time.