As wintery weather and holiday cheer abounds, sipping on a stout is the perfect way to celebrate with friends. A stout is basically a stronger version of a porter, and comes in MANY varieties. Breweries in Edmond, OKC, and Norman have produced some truly dark, delicious, and rich stouts to tickle your taste buds. Here are our Top 5 Stouts in Central Oklahoma:

Frenzy Brewing's Yuletide Sentinel Stout

Frenzy Brewing‘s Yuletide Sentinel Imperial Stout

If you love the minty goodness of candy canes, you love Frenzy’s Yuletide Sentinel. Made with TEN pounds of candy canes, this imperial stout makes both our Christmas naughty AND nice list. By the way, did we mention that this tasty treat drops in at 13.1% ABV? Swing by their taproom in downtown Edmond to taste the holiday goodness and take home a 4-pack for your favorite family members. Grandma will thank you.

Roughtail Brewing's Wake Me Up Before You Co Co Double Stout

Roughtail Brewing‘s Wake Me Up Before You Co Co Double Stout

Stouts naturally have a high ABV, but Roughtail’s Wake Me Up Before You Co Co Double Stout clocks in at 13%. Aged in rum barrels with coffee beans, this brew explodes with hints of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. Grab a 4 or 8 oz draft in their taproom in north OKC or a 500ml bottle to go to help you get through the holiday parties in style.

405 Brewing's FDR Imperial Stout

405 Brewing‘s FDR Imperial Stout

One of my all-time favorite stouts is the FDR from Norman’s 405 Brewing. This imperial stout is brewed with locally-roasted coffee beans and aged in whiskey barrels. With an ABV of 10%, it’s drinkable, shareable, and worthy of a 2nd glass…or a 3rd…totally your call…we won’t judge. You’ll never forget your first taste. In fact, you might remember it as a date that will live in infamy

Prairie Ales' Christmas Bomb Imperial Stout

Prairie Ales‘ Christmas Bomb Imperial Stout

The first stout I ever tried was Prairie Ale’s Bomb (I know, right?!?). This year’s Christmas Bomb, a delicious riff of the original, is ridiculously good. Using espresso beans from Spaceship Coffee Roasters, this imperial stout has a flavor pallet of cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, and chili peppers. With an ABV of 13% (or 14% if you opt for the barrel aged version), you’ll only need to throw back one to handle your crazy uncle at Christmas dinner. Snag a bottle or three from their taproom in Automobile Alley in downtown OKC.

Stonecloud Brewing's Coconut Junkie, Fluffy Fingers, and I'm A Cool Mom Stouts

Stonecloud Brewing‘s Stout Lineup

If you’re looking for something fun, you must check out Stonecloud’s stout lineup. At the far left is the Coconut Junkie; a barrel aged stout that NAILS the coconut flavor without overdoing it. At 14.4% ABV, a 4oz pour is the perfect choice. In the center is Fluffy Fingers; a pumpkin pie dessert stout clocking in at 14% ABV. By incorporating pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, graham crackers, and maple, this beer immediately ignites nostalgia and reminds you of that one time… Finally, at right, is I’m A Cool Mom (Mean Girls reference???). This barrel aged stout pops with notes of peppermint and chocolate. The flavor will remind you of an Andes Mint; but with an ABV of 13.3%, you won’t need to ask your server for more…unlike that one time at Olive Garden. 

These breweries are experimenting with some really cool concepts and throwing a ton of booze into small glasses for our drinking enjoyment. Regardless if you prefer peppermint or pumpkin or vanilla, these stouts in central Oklahoma offer ridiculously delicious coffee-flavored beers that are sure to please everyone…well, except Todd, that jerk from 10th grade who hated everything. What a loser!

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